General Information about the Climate Action Hub

As has now been customary since the 2018 Katowice climate conference (COP 24), the COP 27 Presidency will build the Action Hub Amphitheatre directly within the main venue at the UN Climate Change conference to be held from 6 November until 18 November in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.

The UN Climate Change secretariat is responsible for organizing the programme of events to be delivered at the Action Hub.

What is the Climate Action Hub?

It is at the core of the Action Hub to hold events that are markedly different from other traditional meetings held at the conference, in both format and content, and provide a central scene that is inclusive, participatory and transparent to non-Party Stakeholders.

This area is a dynamic events-space, where participants get the opportunity to stage a variety of events relating to concrete climate action projects and initiatives. These events typically include talk-shows, special launch events, climate action solutions competition winners announcements, games, interactive activities, educational programmes or digital demonstrations, all of which focus exclusively on or aim for actual climate action and provide a voice to the audience.

The Action Hub hosts a wide variety of actors, such as representatives of businesses, investors, cities, foundations, and also includes civil society, cultural and media figures, and celebrities. All events held as part of the Action Hub programme are live streamed on the UNFCCC webcast page, and the videos files of events are later made available on demand and can be downloaded.

How to hold an event at the Action Hub?

Holding an event at the Action Hub requires an application. Each organization may enter up to two distinct applications.

The application process has concluded as well as the review of all submissions by the judging panels. The programme of events is now available.

Schedule at COP 27

The Action Hub will host events from Tuesday 8 November (afternoon) until Thursday 17 November, excluding Sunday 13 November. Everyday, events will start on the hour and last a maximum of 40 minutes, to allow for stage management and cleaning between participants.

The Action Hub events will be listed in the conference daily programme, available on the UNFCCC website and displayed throughout the conference on CCTV.

Please see the schedule below. Adjustments to it will be made as we confirm information with selected participants. 


The Hub events are not on invitation: attendance is free to any registered participant in the COP (governmental delegates, civil society, business representatives, local government representatives, members of the press, investors, artists, etc.) to ensure inclusivity and a variety of input.

For interested registered participants who are not physically present at COP 27, all Action Hub events will be streamed on the COP 27 digital platform, a web-based application to allow for virtual participation. This platform also enables registered participants who need to actively participate in an event from another location to do so, and interact with the speaker on-stage and the audience, through a live connection.

Finally, the events will be livestreamed on the UNFCCC website and later on, made available on demand.

14.00 Climate Technology Centre Network The next generation of Climate Tech Entrepreneurs Webcast
15.00 United Nations University Sparking Change: Film and Science Together for Desirable Urban Futures Webcast
16.00 Centre for Research on Sustainable Societal Transformation, Karlstad University The Climate Long Game Webcast
18.00 Scaling-up Nutrition Nutrition and Climate Financing: How to Walk the Talk Webcast

10.00 Doconomy Global Climate Inclusion 2.0 Webcast
11.00 Carbonsink Carbon projects: From Community-Based to Community-Owned Webcast
12.00 World Resources Institute Locally Led Action: Solutions from the Ground Webcast
14.00 APCO Green Sukuk Marketplace – Realizing the Potential of Islamic Finance for Climate Action Webcast
15.00 Financial Times Financial Times Talks Climate Finance Webcast
16.00 Centre for 21st Century Issues Women4ClimateFinance Webcast
17.00 Climate Champions and partners Leveraging the African Insurance Industry to Create Resilient African Economies Webcast

10.00 Reboot the Future We Are Antarctica Webcast
11.00 Centre for Climate Repair, Cambridge What Will it Take to Avoid Arctic Tipping Points? Webcast
12.00 Commonwealth Innovation Use of Earth Observation Data for Enhancing Climate Finance Access Webcast
13.00 COP27 Presidency Egyptian Initiative on Green and Smart Projects Webcast
14.00 Climateworks Foundation Introducing the Carbon Call  Webcast
15.00 BBC Studios and Minecraft Education Inspiring the Next Generation: BBC's Frozen Planet II and Minecraft Webcast
16.00 Wageningen University & Research Youth Initiatives in Nature-based Solutions Webcast
17.00 International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences Youth Action: Empowering Local Agripreneurs through International Agreements Webcast
18.00 Nike The Race Toward a Sustainable Future Webcast

10.00 World Resources Institute Buildings Showdown Webcast
11.00 Athletics Kenya Accelerating Climate and Air Quality Actions through Athletics Webcast
12.00 Cresmi / UCL  Climate Resilience of Workplaces in Egypt Webcast
13.00 COP 27 Presidency Egyptian Initiative on Green and Smart Projects Webcast
14.00 Living Future Europe Living Futures: Storms or Starlight Webcast
15.00 NBA Warriors Finding our Superpower Webcast
16.00 Rolls Royce Engineering Activism: A Global Catalyst of Change in the Face of the Climate Crisis  Webcast
17.00 Global Fashion Agenda Alliances for a New Era: Decarbonising the Fashion Supply Chain  Webcast
18.00 Apparel Impact Unlocking The Trillion-Dollar Fashion Decarbonisation Opportunity Webcast

10.00 International Coalition on Climate and Agriculture Promoting Ecological Farming to Address the Climate Crisis Webcast
11.00 TREEO Democratizing Climate Finance via a Single-Tree Monitoring Technology Webcast
12.00 Gaia The Earth Foundation A trillion Dollar Opportunity for Regenerative Action in India Webcast
13.00 COP27 Presidency Egyptian Initiative on Green and Smart Projects Webcast
14.00 Sajida Foundation Session on Locally-led Adaptation Webcast
15.00 Australian Aid: The Australian Water Partnership Australian Water for Development Community Acting for Climate Webcast
16.00 Environment of Peace Enabling Peaceful Resilience in a New Era of Risk Webcast
17.00 Weforum How to Enhance the Amazon’s Ecosystems and Economies Webcast
18.00 SUEZ Digital Solution for Reducing Heat Island Effects in Downtown Cairo  Webcast

10.00 UN Global Compact Water Action Hub Accelerating Collaboration: The Water Action Hub 4.0 Launch Webcast
11.00 UN Global Compact CEO Water Mandate Realizing Resilience: A Pragmatic Path for Companies and Communities Webcast
12.00 Sabesp Water Scarcity and Resilience: Partnerships to Implement Adaptation Solutions Webcast
13.00 COP27 Presidency Egyptian Initiative on Green and Smart Projects Webcast
14.00 National Institute of Urban Affairs - India A Platform to Aggregate the Ecosystem Services Offered by Urban Waterbodies Webcast
15.00 Aspen Institute Building African Climate Resilience Through Women’s Entrepreneurship Webcast
16.00 The Generation Equality Forum Feminist Action for Climate Justice: Engage with Grassroots Organizations Community Methodologies Webcast
17.00 Women Engage for a Common Future  Gender Just Climate Solutions Award Webcast
18.00 United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees On the Climate Frontlines with Displaced People: Stories of Loss & Damage Webcast

10.00 BBC Fact-based Storytelling versus Misinformation Webcast
11.00 United Nations University Beyond Classrooms: Education as a Mechanism for Community Climate Action Webcast
12.00 Planet / Microsoft / The Nature Conservancy Global Renewables Watch: Measuring the World's Clean Energy Resources from space Webcast
13.00 COP27 Presidency  Egyptian Initiative on Green and Smart Projects  Webcast
14.00 World Economic Forum / Accenture The Journey from Coal to Clean: a World Tour Webcast
15.00 International Energy Agency Rising Awareness of Key Mitigation Challenges through Gamification Webcast
16.00 Arup How to Scale Offshore Wind? Building an Equitable Ocean Economy  Webcast
17.00 Net Zero Technology Centre Net Zero Technology: Barriers and Innovation Priorities Webcast

10.00 Google Arts Calling in Our Corals Webcast
11.00 The Ocean Agency Hope for Coral Reefs  Webcast
12.00 Delta Foundation Science & Practice: Exploring Ocean Resilience and Blue Carbon Initiatives Webcast
14.00 Lloyd's Register Foundation Driving Safer, Resilient Ocean Economies through New Open-source Data Tools Webcast
15.00 ArchiREEF  How 3D Printing in Terracotta Restores Coral Reefs  Webcast
16.00 The Ocean Race Connecting Climate Action and Ocean Rights, Human Rights and Corporate Rights Webcast
17.00 Sustainable Ocean Alliance SOA MENA Youth Climate Action Plan  Webcast

10.00 ADEME Riding the Heatwaves in Mediterranean Cities Webcast
11.00 Union Cycliste Internationale How to Ceate a Cycling City Webcast
12.00 OX Delivers OX Delivers Climate Action in Sub-Saharan Africa Webcast
14.00 Cities Alliance   Tackling Urbanization, Climate and Poverty in Cities through Circular Economy (City / human) Webcast
15.00 Arup  Why Location Matters - Shaping City Growth to Cut Carbon Webcast
16.00 Environas  Recovery Spaces for Walkability Webcast
17.00 Future Cleantechs Architects Building Our Future: Innovative Technology to Decarbonize the Cement Industry Webcast

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