The Lancet: Investing in Clean Energy Could Save 1.3 Million Lives A Year

According to the Lancet Health and Climate Change Countdown 2022 report, human health is at the mercy of fossil fuels. The health effects of climate change are rapidly exacerbating the impact of other co-existing crises, according to the study. That results in increased risks of food insecurity, the spread of infectious diseases, heat-related illnesses, energy poverty, and death from exposure to air pollution. Data from this year's report show that climate change affects every facet of food security in the near term, including low crop yields, food insecurity, and drought. The research shows that governments and corporations continue to prioritize fossil fuel interests at the expense of the health and well-being of all people in every corner of the world. 80% of the countries surveyed provided some form of fossil fuel subsidy worth $400 billion in 2021 alone. These net subsidies exceed 10% of national health expenditures in 31 countries and 100% in 5 countries. Oil and gas companies remain the heaviest culprits: Regardless of their climate claims and commitments, the current strategies of the 15 largest oil and gas companies will increase their greenhouse gas production share of emissions compatible with 1.5°C warming to 37% in 2030 and 37% in 2040. In the year, it will lead to a 103% increase.

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