UN Synthesis Report: Emissions Reduction is Inconsistent with 1.5 Degree Target

The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Nationally Determined Contributions  Synthesis report shows that countries are bending the curve of their global greenhouse gas emissions but highlights that these efforts are insufficient to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius by the end of the century. According to the report, the combined climate commitments of 193 parties under the Paris Agreement could put the world on a path of about 2.5 degrees of warming by the end of the century. The report also shows that current commitments will increase emissions by 10.6% by 2030 compared to 2010. It is an improvement over last year's assessment, which found that countries are on track to increase their emissions by 13.7% by 2030 compared to 2010. Last year's analysis showed that projected emissions will continue to increase beyond 2030. This year's analysis reveals that although emissions are no longer rising after 2030, they are still not showing the rapid downward trend that science says is necessary for these ten years.

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