World's Largest Plastic Polluter Coca-Cola Sponsors COP27

The sponsorship deal between this year's UN climate conference COP27 and Coca-Cola, described as "the world's most polluting," has been branded "greenwash" by campaigners. The cooperation agreement with Coca-Cola was signed by the Egyptian government. The announcement was met with shock and disappointment on social media and was denounced as another example of corporate greenwashing. Emma Priestland, the coordinator of "Break Free From Plastic," which represents a global alliance, said about sponsorship: "COP27 sponsor Coca-Cola is the pioneer of greenwash and one of the largest plastic users in the world. For over four years, we've found Cola-Cola to be the world's largest plastic polluter in our annual brand audits. It's surprising that a company so committed to the fossil fuel industry is allowed to sponsor such a vital climate meeting."

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